Shopping in North Conway New Hampshire

shopping north conway North Conway has a great reputation as a shopping destination thanks to the Settler’s Green Outlet Mall, featuring such great brands as American Eagle, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Coach, Eddie Bower, Gap Outlet, JCrew, Timberland, Talbots, and Wedgewood. With deep discounts and regular sales and events, anyone in the mood for a shopping getaway can safely bet on Settler’s Green. However, there are plenty of other places to shop besides the outlets to complete North Conway’s reputation as the perfect place to indulge in a little retail therapy.

Some of the other great shops in the area to visit include:

Belly to Belly Boutique: a local shop offering quality products for expecting mothers.

Freedom Village Store is a unique shop and community hub that features locally made goods and regular events that highlight the creative community in and around Freedom, NH, a 30 minute drive from the Green Granite near White Lake State Park.

North County Fair Jewelers is a wonderful place to find unique, hand-crafted jewelry as well as diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry, and estate sale pieces. With such a wide selection and the distinction of being a locally-owned business serving the Mount Washington Valley for over 40 years, this is a wonderful place to find a fun souvenir or special gift.

The HandCrafter’s Barn is a delightful place to browse and buy. It describes itself as “a year round craft show, with over 150 juried artisans and crafters” featuring “photography, jewelry, pottery, quilts, crafts, home decor, furniture, tole painting, fiber art, and miniatures” among many other items. You’re guaranteed to find unique items like nowhere else, all supporting true New Hampshire artists.

The Funky Bubble is a local bath and body shop featuring quality and all-natural products by Upper Canada, Ahava, Hydra and more. It’s a fantastic shop to try if you are looking to spoil yourself or someone special!

Valley Jewelers have over 20 years of experience in hand made jewelry and repair, and feature a great selection of gold, sterling, platinum, as well as precious and semi-precious stones. Longtime locals, the Valley Jewelers team are a great part of the Conway community. 

These are just a few of the great boutiques and shopping opportunities in North Conway. Next time you're in the area, do a little exploring and you're sure to find some very special local treasures.

29 March 2013, 17:01
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